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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paper Bag to Pom Pom

Hey guys!  Thanksgiving weekend sure did fly by!  My family and I spent our holiday weekend in Nashville Tennessee, like we've done the past several years.  We did lots of shopping and had so much fun, I was not ready to head back to the "real world" on Monday! 

Remember our very first post, our Thanksgiving Mantle?  Well, I told you I'd be back to tell you a little more about the brown pom poms on the "Give Thanks" bunting, so here I am!  These adorable little accents are made from PAPER BAGS!!!  Can you believe it!?!?

When I put together the bunting and placed it on my mantle, I knew it was missing something.  These simple little pom poms brought it all together! And even better, I had the supplies left over from our Drive-In Movie Party! 

Here's the step by step instructions on how I made my Paper Bag Pom Poms...

You are basically just cutting the bottom off of the bag and you should be left with this....

Stack your two pieces on top of one another and cut right down the middle again.

Then you're left with 4 pieces...

Helpful hints:  Pull slowly.  The bag will rip if you aren't gentle!  Also, make sure you pull apart your pieces towards the knotted portion on top AND on bottom.  You will probably have to play with each piece until you have the exact look you are going for!
That's it!  Now you should have your very own Paper Bag Pom Pom!!!  Pretty simple right!?  I think these would look ADORABLE strung as garland on a Christmas Tree....I'm thinking that's where I will be seeing these next!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you have a great week!



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