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Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY Photo Thank You Cards

I CANNOT believe Christmas is already over!  Ours was a little extra special this year since it was our first year with Paisley!  I can definitely say she got a little spoiled.  Someone seriously should have warned us that EVERY baby toy makes an obscene amount of noise!  Our house sounds like a war zone between the police car sirens, farm animal sounds, cell phone rings, horns honking, singing ABC's and rattles!  The "OFF" buttons have now officially been located on all of the above named items!  Even though we have a very noisy house, we are beyond blessed to have such a great family that loves our baby girl just as much as we do!
Now that it's all over....who still believes in "Thank You" cards?  This girl does!  I was raised that way and I plan to teach Paisley the same principles.  That being said, I really wanted to do something personable and memorable for our thank you cards this year.  PicMonkey to the rescue!  Have you used PicMonkey?  I use it for just about everything!  Here's how my personalized thank you cards turned out this year...
Here's how I did it...
First, snap a few pictures of your little one...
8 months old, but loves to pose!
Then, go to
Click on "create a collage" and upload your photo's.  I had four photo's and I wanted to print my cards in 4x6 size so I chose the collage setup shown below.
Fill in the spaces on the right with your photo's and leave the large space on the left open.  Then, save your photo.  Exit out of this project and go back to the PicMonkey home screen.  Choose "Edit a Photo" and open the card that you just saved. 
First, crop your photo to 4x6 size.  Then, use the text option to add your personalized thank you note in the space you left open.
I saved each photo and then sent them to our local Walgreen's to be printed.
I only paid $0.14 per card!!!
Here's one of our finished cards!
These were super easy and cheap, and I know our family will love the personalized touch!  Do you make personalized thank you cards?  How do you do it?  We'd love to hear from you!
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