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Thursday, January 10, 2013

{Surprise} Make-Up Organizer Tutorial

 Hey Y'all.....Charlie here again.  As my lovely wife was running out of the house this morning for work, she kissed the baby good bye and told me to make sure I posted the chalkboard/wine shelf tutorial for you guys.  After the baby was fed, I went into the bathroom and opened the vanity drawer. This is where my wife is a genius. BOOM!!! Right on my big toe falls her makeup box..............

So with the help of my favorite little girl, we started to build mom a makeup organizer that would hold all most of her makeup. 
I measured the space available under the vanity and realized that I had a leftover 1x10x8 white pine board from another project in the garage.  This would be perfect for two reasons. 1) It doesn't take up room in my garage anymore. 2) I can now tell Emily I don't have any leftover wood for another impromptu project.
 I cut the board into 3 pieces, all 16 inches in length.  This will give you a front, back and bottom for your box.
I used a square and aligned the front and back to get a measurement of 10 1/2 inches for my sides.  I chose to make the box with the sides showing to the front.  I was going for the appearance of an old milk/soda crate and this is how many were built for strength purposes.
I decided to go with a dark walnut stain.  The color also helped make the old soda crate look.  I also used a blow torch to give the wood a weathered look.  It's important to stain the boards before you nail them together so that you can cover them completely.

I gave the edges special attention with the blow torch.  If you plan on using a torch with your project, do so before staining.  This will allow you to cover the "black soot" burned wood with the stain color.  Doing this also gives you the antique look . 
I used an air nailer and fastened all the boards together.  If your like my wife, I'm sure this will be filled to the brim of products you didn't even know you had, so the more nails the better.
It was about this time in the project that my little helper had lost interest in working with Dad and decided it would be best to take a nap.  Well played Paisley!!!

 The next step is to decide where you want to install your dividers. 

 Place your dividers into the box and nail all the sides.  Pay special attention if you are using a nail gun that you hit the board on center.  Finish nails like to shoot out sideways if not hit direct. (Ouch)


 This was my favorite part of the entire project.  My little helper decided to wake up from her nap and wanted to help again.  My first thought was to use paint and her hand print.  I don't recommend doing this alone with an 8 month old.  One bath and change of clothes later we decided to trace her hand!!!!!
Well, here is the finished project. Em came home and organized everything into her new makeup box.  (We just won't tell her what I did with the old makeup box that smashed my toe.)

Here's the finished product after she got everything in place.

Stop back later this week and I'll walk you through making your own magnetic chalkboard and wine holder.....
Linking up! 

Love of Family and Home


  1. I love this!! Charlie is such a sweetie for surprising you with a new make-up organizer!! It turned out great! Paisley's little handprint on the back might be my favorite part!!

    Thanks so much for sharing & thanks for linking up to the "Organize It" party!!

    1. Thanks Tonya! And thanks for having the linky party...some awesome ideas were linked up!

  2. I really love this! I'm such a fan of reclaimed wood and that dark stain is my favorite one to use. This turned out so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Taryn! I'm a big fan of reclaimed wood also! Hope you have a great day!

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