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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Auctions, Super Bowl and Milestones

Hey y'all!  How was your weekend?  We went to ANOTHER auction on Saturday.

Last week Charlie went by himself and came home with a beautiful old chest and a meat smoker!  This weekend I scored a mirror for a future project and Charlie bought a battery charger and pressure washer!  We also bought a manikin for my mom to re-cover and use at her Premier Jewelry parties.   Let me just tell you, you can score some awesome deals at an auction and it's kinda fun to see the types of things people have collected over the years.  Here are a few of the pieces we came home with...

Manikin for Jewelry Shows - Winning Bid = $22.00
Mirror for future blog post - Winning Bid = $7.00
(they actually bundled this piece with another mirror, a cart and a stool.  We got all of it for $7.00)

 White Chest - Winning Bid = $20.00

 Meat Smoker - Winning Bid = $7.00
Paisley wasn't as impressed as we were...

We also watched the commercials Super Bowl with some friends this weekend. Which of course included some wonderful food. We had wings, fried fish, rotel dip, lil' weenies, fried cheese balls and deer sausage! What did y'all think of Beyonce's Halftime performance!?!? (because between her and the commercials was there really anything else to pay attention to, ladies?) I'll admit I enjoyed the little Destiny's Child reunion and Beyonce looked amazing as always!

Ok, on to some serious matters....

Miss "P" hit about a zillion milestones this past week. She went from a freakishly fast army crawl to full out crawl! Then, she pulled up to the standing position for the very first time, which we happened to catch on our cell phone! She could not have been more proud of herself...I mean come on, look at that face!!!!

Then after a sleepless Saturday night, Paisley woke up the next morning with her first tooth popping through! We have been anxiously awaiting this stubborn little tooth's pop-through for about 2 months now! Between the drooling and gumming everything, we expected this a long time ago! Now I guess we get to truly experience the terrible "teething" phase!? We've been using teething tablets and a little Tylenol before bed (she's been fussier than normal at night). Did you guys do anything special or do you have any tricks for teething babes????? We'd love to hear your success stories and tips!!!

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Now, let's hear those teething tips and tricks!!!



  1. Such great pieces and at such affordable prices, amazing.


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