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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Country Girl Scarf Organizer

Helllloooo friends!!!  How's your week been?  We've had a sick little girl so it's been a slow week here.  We also got slammed with some crazy snow and ice on Thursday!  I'm ready for spring and for the sickness to leave us alone! 
So anyways, my friend Tonya at Love of Family & Home, along with several of her friends have continued their "Dog Days of Winter" party series.  The upcoming party is all about cleaning and organizing.  We've been linking up to these parties the past several weeks and the party themes are so fun and really get you brainstorming and motivated to come up with a project!  This week, based on the theme, I decided it was time to get my scarf collection cleaned up....

 Ok, don't judge....not all bloggers are organized, OK!?!?  I WILL tackle my closet organization and when I do, I'll be sure and let y'all know! 

When I pull one scarf, it seems like twelve fall to the floor...

Ummmmm, don't pay attention to the obsessive boot collection either.  It's ok...

Sooooo being the country, huntin' folks we are, we decided that a couple antlers, a tree limb and some barn wood, would surely make a great scarf organizer!!!  We have plenty of spare sheds around here so we picked out two similar ones and got to work....

As in "we", I mean "Charlie"... 

This wood was cut straight from a barn. We wanted to keep the nails and knotty look of it.  Charlie cut off the back pieces but kept the original old nails on the front.
Then, we marked the holes for the antlers...
 Charlie drilled out the holes and then screwed them into the barn wood.

The screws were visible so we filled them with some wood glue and then colored them in once it dried.
 Then, we grabbed our tree branch.  Remember how I mentioned we had some crazy icy weather last night, well that didn't help in the "we need a branch for this project and we want to finish it tonight" project! Check out my Instagram for a funny photo on this process...

So, we grabbed our branch and clipped off some of the long pieces sticking off.

Then, we grabbed our rings.  We found these at JoAnn Fabrics.
 We thread them onto the branch.

Then used a little hot glue to attach our branch to our antlers.

I also added a dot of glue to the tips of each antler...

I'll tell ya why a little later on...

Alright, here's our finished project...

I used the rings and the clips, so each ring was able to hold two scarves.

Ok, remember when I showed you those little drops of hot glue on the end of each antler?  Here's why...

The hot glue serves as a "stopper" for my hangers.  This scarf organizer is doubling as my "morning station".  I am attempting to prepare myself for the next morning by having my clothes picked out and ready to go!  (I'm not the best morning person - I'll take all the help I can get.)

Who says an outdoorsy girl can't mix country and fashion???
 Do you guys have a unique way of organizing your scarf collection?  This is definitely my style so I'm really happy with what Charlie came up with!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I feel like I needed this post in my email this morning! I was digging through my drawer of scarves thingking THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY! :) I may be creating a copy cat of this little idea soon.

    1. Hey Dakota! I was frustrated with mine too! This project was super quick and fun! Check out our Facebook page and let us know if you make one! :)

  2. How creative is that!! Really cool!

  3. Hi I don't suppose you make these to sell? My wife really likes it but i'm not DIY safe.

  4. Hi I don't suppose you make these to sell? My wife really likes it but i'm not DIY safe.

    1. Hi Alex! We don't make them to sell, I'm sorry! But this project was fairly easy! You should definitely give it a shot! Let us know if you have any questions!


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