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Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY Save the Date Sign

Hey, hey, hey y'all!  How's your Thursday starting out for ya?  I got to practice with my camera again this past weekend so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite shots with you!  One of my best friends is getting married this September and I'm helping her create some personalized save the date cards.  Her soon-to-be hubby has this sweet little dog that they wanted to include and we thought it would be cute to let him do all the announcing! :) 

Gunner was a SUPERSTAR and was not at all camera shy! He even gave us a sweet little smile!

Ok, before I tell you about the sign, here are just a few more of my favorites from the day...

I love this one.  Even though the focus is totally on the ring, you can just feel the happiness. 

Ok, enough swooning!  Here's the details on that sign!  We have some discontinued siding samples from one of our local hardware stores and it was perfect for this project.  It has a tree bark look and texture.

 This was a last minute thing...I pulled it together the morning of the photo shoot, so I don't have photo's of my process.  Ooops.  Don't hate me...

It's ok.  Remember our Mr. & Mrs. signs??? It's the same process...only backwards.  Stick with me, I'll explain.

Let's break it down:
1)  I used my Cricut Machine and some card stock and cut out the numbers
     and the two dots for the date.
2)  Then, I used spray adhesive and sprayed a quick light layer onto my siding
3)  I placed my cut-out numbers and dots onto my sticky board.
4)  I used a bronze colored spray paint and gave the board a solid coat.
5)  Then, right away, I VERY CAREFULLY pulled off my numbers and dots.
     (if you wait until the paint dries, sometimes the paint pulls off when you
     remove your letters or numbers)
6)  Go inside and leave it alone while it dries!

Now, you should have a cute little personalized sign!

I had so much fun with Brie, Tim & Gunner!  Can't wait for their special day!

Make sure you check back tomorrow, too.  Charlie and I are starting a new Friday tradition here on B&W.  If you follow us on Facebook, you got a little sneak peak last night.

I would also like to inform all of you that tonight at dinner, Charlie spilled his entire glass mason jar of wine on the floor, on my leg, and on Paisley's white socks!  Remember when Charlie busted me out for dropping that bottle of wine? Well, this was my chance.  I grabbed my phone to snap some pictures and prove that I'm not the only clumsy wino around here, but you should have seen how fast Charlie got that wine wiped up and Paisley's socks removed just so that I had no chance to document it!!!!  Please just take my word for it, ok?  Thanks.

Don't forget to check in tomorrow and see our new addition to the blog.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!
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