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Friday, March 1, 2013

Finally Friday - {Take 1}

Hey y'all!  It's FINALLY FRIDAY!!!  Woop Woop!  We're starting a new thing here on our little ol' blog.  It's going to be called FINALLY FRIDAY...

because isn't that how you feel every Friday!?!?  We're going to sum up our week in just a few statements then share some of our favorite finds.  Ready?  Ok, good.  Here we go...


1)  I'm stupidly excited about a renovation we have going on....just because it involves an awesome shade of turquoise and I don't have that color anywhere else in the house!
2)  We just switched our Dish carrier and I'm horribly annoyed that I don't know where any of my favorite channels are.  I also may or may not have accidentally purchased a movie, which I thought was just a free channel.  Oooops.
3)  I'm obsessing over Blake Shelton's newest song.  "Sure Be Cool If You Did"  I could listen to it 20 times in a row and not get tired of it.  Charlie on the other hand, not so much.  I think he's a little tired of my friend Blake this week. :)
4)  Charlie decided to create a built in shelf in a room we are currently conducting a major overhaul in, and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me super nervous to see him hammer out a huge hole in the middle of a wall! (check our Facebook for a sneak peek)
5)  I cannot believe that Sean sent Ashlee home on the Bachelor this week!  I'm pulling for Lindsay anyways.  But, I didn't see the Ashlee thing coming!


1) I'm tired of my little girl being sick....She's tough as nails otherwise.  Only good thing is she likes to cuddle more!!!
2) I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....that is all.
3) I'm a huge country fan....but is it just me or does the radio ruin songs for you too?  If I do listen to country, its our local station 97.7FM.  All they play is classic country, the good stuff.  "Hey Ho" by the Lumineers is my favorite song right now!!!
4) You would think by now, my wife would "keep calm and chive on" (I guess that's the saying kids use now).  I've built her a house and every room in it.  I got this under control. LOL
5) Bachelor??? I would rather paint. And I don't paint unless forced....... I am grateful for awesome buddies.....Me and a couple of buddies got to spend a couple days together and we made deer sausage and deer slim jims.  They turned out awesome.  Except now my garage smells and looks like a meat locker.

Alright, now for some of our favorites from the week....

Our dinner on Wednesday night came from "Life as a Lofthouse" Blog.  We found the recipe on Pinterest and it was AMAZING!  You've gotta try it...

Charlie: It even tastes better if you make it home at the "normal" time after work - EMILY!!! Her tardiness allowed me several taste tests fresh outta the oven!

Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken & Fried Rice
DIY project I'm lovin' (Emily)
Pinned Image
Complete tutorial found HERE

Favorite Quote of the week - Emily (Charlie said I need to listen to this...)

Pinned Image

I'm ready for warmer weather and fishing season!!! (Charlie)

and to relax in a setting like this.....
Pinned Image

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!  Hope you enjoyed the first edition of Finally Friday!  Make sure you check us out on Facebook and on Pinterest!  See y'all next week! Have a great weekend!


  1. You all crack me up! I love the idea of this series!! Looking forward to next Friday! Hopping over to the facebook page to see what you got cookin'! Apparently I missed that post!

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