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Monday, April 29, 2013

It's not supposed to rain on your Birthday...

Hey y'all! Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?

Paisley's first birthday was Friday! So, we had a busy weekend!  Paisley and I ran errands for the big party on Friday, while Charlie and his parents worked on some last minute things around the house (like putting together her Birthday gifts!).  Friday night we went to a benefit for some friends which was held at one of our local wineries.  Yep, Paisley spent her birthday at a winery!  That's what all 1 year olds do, right???

She is so close to walking but still has a little wobble in her step.  So of course, being held for two hours straight in a crowded room with music is not what she had in mind.  I let her stand up next to me and hold onto a chair just to give her a break from being held.  She decided it was time to dance.  Before I know it, her dance moves got the best of her and she hit the floor.  Forehead to concrete.  She's a tough little girl and only cried for about two minutes.  But, we were left with a pretty red bump.  Best way to start the birthday festivities!  I should have known it would only go downhill from there!

Do you follow me on Instagram?  If so, you probably seen the prep work for her big Carnival/Country Fair party.  

I worked with a cute little Etsy Shop and had all of these adorable invitations, signs, carnival games, and decorations.  

Then Saturday morning came.  The day of the big event.  


it rained.

and rained.

and rained.

Can you feel the gloom here????

Let me just say our local weather people got this one wrong!  I knew it was supposed to rain. But it was supposed to be done early morning which would be fine for her 3:00 party! Not so much.  And it wasn't like a heavy down pour.  It was that annoying continuous sprinkle ALL DAY LONG!

So, we ended up with about 50 people inside our house.  About 10 of them being under the age of 5!  Let's just say it was a little crazy!  

But even though it rained on our parade (carnival), we had a pretty great day.  We crammed everyone in the house and garage, served our crescent dogs, pretzels and nachos, watched Paisley devour a smash cake, and witnessed our family and friends completely spoil Paisley to death with so many wonderful gifts!  Saying we are blessed is a complete understatement.  We are beyond blessed and grateful to have so many family and friends who love Paisley just as much as we do!

I think she may have liked climbing on all the boxes more than what was inside!!!

After that eventful party...Paisley spent the next day like this...

She was completely tuckered out!  Tattoo wearin' off, moose man in hand!  

Make sure you stay tuned.... I'll be back with more details on our Carnival Party Fail, but that's how just a sneak peek of how we spent our weekend!  Bustin' our butts to pull off a backyard carnival that got completely rained out!  

At the end of the day, we're nothing but grateful.  

Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sorry to hear her first birthday was rained out! She looks like she had a good time anyway. She is just adorable!!! Happy birthday Paisley!


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