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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Country Fair Carnival Party

Hey y'all!  Well, I told you last week about how it rained on Paisley's carnival but we made the best of it anyways.  I'm sad to say the majority of the games didn't get played, I had to hand out prizes instead of using the tickets, my signs got all soggy, my cute decorated tables didn't even get used, and I had way too many children under the age of 5 crammed into my house at one time.  That being said, my family and friends never cease to amaze me.  We are beyond blessed to have so many great people in our lives and despite all of my hard work getting completely drenched and un-used, we had a great time!  And, I think it's safe to say, I no longer have a living room.  It's just a big toy box at this point!  

Even though most things didn't go as planned I still snapped some pictures to show you guys!

First let me tell you about this cute little ETSY shop I had the opportunity to work with! Lee at Pear Tree Space is just plain awesome and so is everything she creates!  All of my signs, food labels, invitations, thank you cards and banners are from her shop.  She was so great to work with and her prices are so reasonable!  

Here are the invites I ordered through Lee, and she personalized for Paisley. 

Totally adorable, right???

I worked my butt off for about three weeks before the party to pull off these carnival games for the kids and I don't care if they didn't get used, I'm showing them to you anyways! :)

We used a ladder and a bean bag to create our bean bag toss game.  Each section was worth points.

Formula costs way too much to not find a use for those cute little cans!  A little scrapbook paper and these babies were ready to be knocked down! 

Fish bowls full of real CHEDDAR goldfish made up our goldfish toss game! :)

(I was afraid my friends would get mad if I sent this home with REAL goldfish!!...)

And, I'm no face painter fake tattoos it is! 

Spray painted root beer bottles and a dollar store bangle bracelet made up our ring toss game. 

Now for the decor...

This adorable sign comes in the party kit that you can purchase to match your invitations .  We used dowel rods and made them our centerpieces! 

The mason jar was supposed to be full of popcorn and the little tin bucket was supposed to be full of peanuts!

This was supposed to be the food table...

And, it's not a first birthday party without a smash cake, right!?!?

So there it is...Paisley's Country Fair Carnival (rained out) party! 

Ok, so I know you have a party coming up....

Head on over to Lee's shop and find exactly what you need!!!

Here is the package we used ...

Thank y'all so much for stopping by and checking out Paisley's party!  Before we know it, we'll be planning her 2nd! TIME FLIES!!!

Have an awesome day guys!


  1. How fun is this? Such a cute party! This would be perfect to link-up to my Create It Thursday post!

    1. Hey Leslie! Thanks for stopping by! :) Just linked up to your party! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. SO FUN! I'm in love with this party idea and would love if you'd share it at my party!!! XO

    1. Hey Christine!!! Just linked up! Thanks for letting me know! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. So a cute idea! Looks like it would've been heaps of fun too :)

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