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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to make a box cake taste homemade with two simple steps!

Who doesn't love a nice big slice of Chocolate Cake!?!?  If you say you don't like cake, you're straight up lying!  That would be un-American!

But, really who has time to slave away in the kitchen and make a 29-step, homemade, from scratch, cake anyways???

Not this girl!

That's why I begged and begged for my Great-Grandma (Ingie, as we like to call her) to let me in on her secret of making a box cake taste like it came straight from a high-end bakery.  I was beyond surprised when she quickly rattled off two very simple steps, like it was no big deal.

What? Two steps? Are you kiddin' me???

Coffee and room-temp eggs.  That's the big secret, folks.

Make sure your eggs are room temp, NOT STRAIGHT FROM THE FRIDGE.
And, add a teaspoon of INSTANT Coffee.

These two mind-blowing steps take a box cake from dry and blah, to moist and amazing!

Here's a little other hint.  My Great-Grandma must endorse Duncan Hines or something because she swears by ONLY their cake and icing...

So, start with your boxed cake mix.

Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 16.5 oz

And, follow the directions as directed on the box.  REMEMBERING TO USE EGGS AT ROOM TEMP!!!

Then, before you mix everything together, add one teaspoon of instant coffee.
Then mix and bake as directed.

I did two separate round cakes and layered them with frosting in between. :)
Because more frosting doesn't add anymore calories, right?

Again, my Great-Grandma will only use the Duncan Hines frosting...
She prefers the Whipped Chocolate so I follow her lead (always).

This is by far the best cake EVER. And, no one will ever know it's a box cake mix!

The eggs are supposed to make it extra moist and homemade-like.  And, the coffee just gives it an added touch of flavor and richness that it needs!

Now if only we could make this fat, calorie and carb free....

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