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Friday, June 14, 2013

Finally Friday {Take 9}

Well Hello there FRIDAY!!

Let's get right to it, shall we?


1)  Operation figure out the pool has officially begun.  Dirt work is basically finished and Saturday is THE DAY.  Hopefully by the time we write the next FINALLY FRIDAY, I'll be relaxing pool-side!!! :)

2)  Charlie taught Paisley to "shoulder shrug" this week and it may be the cutest, most sassiest thing I've ever seen.  She puts on her most sarcastic squinty smile and shrugs up one shoulder.  Hands down, she's gonna cause us problems! LOL!  

3)  I'm getting caught up on my DVR'd Bachelorette's.  Holy Drama Boys!  I swear they're worse than girls!!!

4)  My mom and I are making plans to give her beautiful from porch a makeover and I'm so excited!  Follow me on Pinterest to see our inspiration!  

5)  I feel like we have a zillion projects going right now!  Chicken coop, shed, pool, front porch, patio's, and the list goes on and on and on!  Did I mention I'm ready to relax by the pool???


1) I started aqua therapy this week.....No not in our own pool, but a physical therapy facility.  Yeah, basically me with a bunch of 90 year old women talking about broken hips and bunions. 

2) Now that I've put that mental picture into your head......Operation pool is in full effect.  All I have to say is thank god for good friends, cold beer and good food.

3) Speaking of good friends.  I am truly blessed to have such great friends.  A buddy of mine decided to give me a bunch of siding that I can eventually put on my shed when it gets complete.  Another friend volunteered to come down and build the shed for me. Good to know that even though I cant do much, I got friends to help.  Garth Brooks said it best with friends in low places.

4) Okay since my inspirational person of the week (Zach Sobiech) was such a hit with most of you, I figured I'd share another with you.  His name is Clay Dyer.  Some of you may not be into bass fishing like myself, but you need to look him up.  Just a bit of info on him.  He was born with no legs and only a partial arm and he bass fishes professionally.  Watch a video or read his story.  All I have to say is when you think your day is going bad, be grateful for what you have. When life gives you lemons, squeeze the sh@* outta them and make lemonade.

5) There will be no charge for the inspirational motivation given above...I'm off to go watch the lightening bugs fly (it's either that or bang my head against the wall watching that stuff you women call entertainment **THE BACHELORETTE **)  

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