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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh BOY! Little Man Baby Shower

Meet my best friend, Jen.

This girl stole a piece of my heart when we were 14 and I'm certain I'll never get it back.  If it's possible to have two soul mates, she's my number two.  For the past 12 years, we have been inseparable.  To this day, we don't go a day without talking.  We're actually really different in a lot of ways.  I've even said before, that I don't know how we're so close or how we became friends!  But, we are and we did.  Maybe our differences is why it works.  Either way,  I love her and don't know where I'd be without her.

Ok, enough sap stories.  :)

My beautiful BFF is expecting a Little Man here in the next few weeks which means....BABY SHOWER!  I was honored to share the hostess duties with several other lovely ladies.

Remember Paisley's Carnival Party a few months ago?  Well, I partnered up with another AMAZING business for this Little Man Baby Shower!  I saw Jocelyn's work and knew we had to team up!  You can check out her site, DistInk Designs, HERE or her Facebook HERE.

This is the invitation we used...

And, the accessory package..

Her prices are soooo reasonable and the files are great quality!  It made planning this Little Man shower so much easier and stress-free!  The color theme and chevron print was adorable and perfect for our outdoor location.

Ok, Ok, I won't make you wait any longer....

We had the most beautiful location.  If you're in the Southern Illinois area and need a wedding or party venue, email me.  I'll give you all the deets on this place.

We had a brunch, so we served bagels, fruit, mimosa's, muffins and other yummy breakfast things.

These water bottle wraps were one of my favorite parts.  Do you see that nutrition label???  Such a cute touch!

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day and comfortable weather!  (Southern Illinois summer's are humid as humid can get, normally)

Jen made these white chocolate mustaches for all of the guests!  These cute little matching favor tags totally set them off!

Now, for one of my favorite moments...

We brought a chalk board and chalk marker and had every guest write a personalized message to Jen.  She has her very own personalized guest book that she can keep forever!

Sometimes these things go so fast.

Before you know it, you're loading your gifts and cleaning up.  Being able to look back and remember each guest and all their sweet messages and advice will be something Jen and her new little family can cherish forever. :)

Another keepsake for Jen and Baby C, were these cute little wish cards.  These are totally customized in Jocelyn's packages and add such a cute touch. 

We also included these inserts into Jen's invites.  I adore this idea!  It's such a personal touch and a much better use of guest's card money!

We had a blast planning and celebrating Baby C and we can't wait for him to get here!

So, what kind of party or event do you have coming up?  Wedding, Bridal Shower,  Birthday Party???

My new friend Jocelyn can totally hook you up!  Here are just a few of my favorite pieces she currently has in her shop.

Ok y'all, I could go on for days.  No matter what event you have coming up, DistInk Designs is the way to go!  Jocelyn offers printable files and printing services.  And her prices..... they're great!

Which is your favorite?  I'm totally digging that Burgers, Beer and Baby Talk invite! 


  1. Thanks for the love Emily. It turned out lovely! Great location too. Thanks for sharing my stationery packages with everyone!

  2. I love every detail. The chalkboard messages were a fantastic idea. Very well done. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow that is so stinkin cute! I definately want to know where you had this as I live here too! I am always trying to find new places to have showers and what not. Fill me in!

    1. Hey Jessica! It's Pine Manor Estate in Carbondale! Gorgeous mansion with beautiful scenery!

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! :)

  4. Super cute Emily!! The location was GORGEOUS!!

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