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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Swoon-Worthy Porch Swings

I mentioned awhile back that we were in the first stages of a major front porch makeover at my Mom's house. First stages meaning SHOPPING! We've hit up Hobby Lobby a few hundred times and even an auction...or three. We're going for a country chic feel with a black, white and green color scheme. We've found some really great pieces and can't wait until it all comes together.

ONE of the big projects of this make over is the porch swing. You see, my parents have this really great front porch. It's a great size with pretty white spindles and columns. Several windows and even a vintage looking screen door. But it's missing something huge. The one thing every front porch needs. A SWING! 

We have the general idea and design figured out. We're using something special for the building materials. I'll let you sit and think about that until the big reveal! 

 HEY! We can't tell you everything all at once! 

Just like before any DIY project, we set out to Pinterest for a little inspiration. You wouldn't believe all the swoon-worthy porch swings we found out there! 

Here are some of our favorites!


I love the sweet little phrase on this swing!


This is just plain genius.  Brilliant.

Hanging Daybed Swing

I love the use of color and patterns here!  And, make sure you click on the link above to see the other views of this project! BEAUTIFUL!


This just screams cozy and inviting! Make sure you click on the link above.  Andrea's front porch is stunning!


I love how they took the idea of a porch swing and totally put their own spin on it!


These patterns with the white chippy paint!  Love!

Large Modern Porch Swing or Bench

Of course, Ana White has a wonderful DIY tutorial on how to make your own porch swing!  That girl can do ANYTHING!

Inspiration overload!  I can't wait to put these ideas to good use and create our very own version of a front porch swing

Which one's your favorite??  

Hopefully next week we'll have a completed front porch reveal for y'all!  Stay tuned! :)

Don't miss out on anything! Make sure you're following along!

1 comment:

  1. Those are all so beautiful!! I can't wait to have a big porch one day I LOVE swings!!
    ~Candice @


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