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Friday, October 18, 2013

Big Annoucement!

Yep, this mama's heart is melting. 
Every. Single. Time. I look at this picture.

Did you see the title of this post?


I'm assuming you've figured it out by now... :)

Our sweet Baby Paisley won't be the baby anymore!
She's going to be a big sister!

Sometime near April 13th of next year, our little family of 3 will become a family of 4!  

We thought we'd share a little of our story with you and let you know what we've really been up to.

PLUS SIGN:  Soooo,  around the beginning of August I got the big plus sign on the pee stick! haha!  I was beyond excited, but I'd by a lying fool if I didn't admit I was nervous.  See, Paisley took awhile but this one, this one wasn't messin' around.  We were ready for number two, but we really did assume it would be several months before we saw that plus sign based on our experience with Paisley!  This early plus sign and April due date means we'll be having baby number 2 and Paisley will turn the big TWO all in the same month!  

Whew.....that's exhausting just thinking about it...

DRAINED:  I'd also like to take this time to totally, 100% blame my lack of projects and blogging on this cute little lemon-sized bean growing in my belly.  I've been sick from sun-up to sun-down and drop-dead tired.  I was the same way with Paisley, but didn't deal with the all day nauseousness like I am with this one.  It's takin' it's toll y'all! I was sick until about 18 weeks with Paisley so if we follow the same pattern, I've got a few more weeks of this.  I'm also showing WAY sooner than I was with Paisley which meant at like week 12 I was searching for my maternity jeans!   

NAMES:  No flipping clue.  With Pais, we knew from the beginning what names we would use.  This time, we got nothin'.  We've discussed a few names but none of them are the one.  I don't like names that remind me of something or someone else, and Charlie's a cop so he has this "it can't be the same name as someone I've arrested" rule.   Hopefully we get that sorted out before next April.  

Ya, we're doomed.

Any suggestions???  

GENDER:  I'm really impatient.  The thought of waiting like 40 more days (yep, I've counted) to find out, is literally draining any life I have left right out of me!  Ok, so that's a little dramatic.  But I really hate waiting.  We actually paid for a 4D ultrasound at 16 weeks to find out about Paisley.  I have a good excuse though.  We're "Black Friday" people.  Yes, we're those people.  We do it up real big in Nashville every year!  The thought of not snagging up those awesome deals for our new arrival was just not an option.  If we didn't get the ultrasound, we wouldn't have found out until a few weeks after Thanksgiving.  We will find out the week of Thanksgiving this time, so I have no valid excuse to pay the money and find out early.  I'm trying to come up with something though...shhhh...  

BIG CHANGES:  Don't worry y'all!  We'll be back to DIY'ing ourselves to death here pretty soon.  Remember the other day when we told you about the big changes coming for our master bedroom?  Well, that's because that master bedroom will become a nursery very soon.  That means our garage is being remodeled (big time) into a new Master Bedroom with walk in closet and en-suite bathroom!  Holla!  Finally two bathrooms!  We'll share more in depth details and before photo's soon! 

Perspective of MR. Bonfires & Wine....

Jeez, my wife is long winded for always being out of breath. Well it's true, we are having another set of boots by the back door. I tell ya what, I couldn't be more pumped.  We are more of a DIY blog, but I figured I'd actually share a little emotion of what is going through my scrambled mind.  I'll never forget when Emily told me we were going to have another baby.  Maybe because I was actually awake when she told me.  When the pee stick turned to a plus for Paisley I was about 40 minutes into sleep after working 12 hours of the midnight shift.  <Insert Zombie face.>  We were so excited to be parents and had been waiting and trying for so long... Now, to my story of what it is to be a Dad.

Paisley: I remember when we went in to get the 4d ultrasound done to find out the sex of the baby, all I could think was how bad I wanted a boy. Selfish? Yea, but I'm speaking the truth when I think all guys want to have a boy. I soon learned how to buy dresses, bows and everything that a girl needs.  The months leading up to her being born I went through what I'm sure most Dads to be I going to be a good Dad? how can I always protect her? and so on. Then the magical day happened....For those of you that have witnessed birth you soon find out how, at that very moment you are closer to God then you have ever been.  When Paisley was born she did not cry and right there I knew she was going to be tough as nails. As my little girl was laid on the table to be cleaned off she did not want to cry or fuss but she wanted to look out the window and see the beautiful spring sky....skip ahead a few months. I was then hurt at work and all I could think about was how I was not going to be the super dad to my little girl.  How can a banged up guy do everything that a Dad should do.  Over the past few months Paisley has taught me more about being a good Dad then I could ever have imagined.  She stays at the house with me 3-4 days a week and her Nana requests that she gets to watch her the other 2 days.  Now when I talk about having a best friend, other then my number 1 best friend my wife, I talk about Paisley.  There is no where that this little girl hasn't been with me. To the hardware store, to the farm, on the 4-wheeler..everywhere!! She even shows things to me daily that she can do better than most boys her age do.  Taking care of the chickens, no problem, work on things in the garage, no sweat.  Hell, she falls down sometimes and doesn't shed a tear, a fall that I've seen grown men cry over.  Paisley Joyce Eisert.......You make me a very proud Dad.

Emily:  She is the strongest woman that I know.  While Emily was pregnant with Paisley she had most of the symptoms that pregnant ladies go through. Morning sickness, sleepy, high blood pressure at the end...and so on.  It seemed like the unknown of being pregnant for the first time helped speed the process up for her. 
Now, I know all guys think that their wife is the best and strongest person they know.  But since this is our blog and I can say what I want, my wife kicks ass!!! She is a champion, she makes UFC fighters look like school girls.... she wakes up every morning and stares pregnancy in the face.  Shortly thereafter she starts to get nauseated. She goes to stand up to head to the bathroom, and pop....there goes a hip.  Crack....there goes sciatic nerve (paralyzing). Bang...there goes Emily bouncing off the bedroom wall from not being able to walk/run quite right to the bathroom.  And I'm all sure you know what happens next. Now, just repeat all of that all day long.  Emily, you show me everyday what it is to be the best parent in the world... I love you.

New Baby: I was recently talking to a buddy who has a couple children, about us having another baby.  I told him I had been thinking a lot about this new baby coming and I'm not sure how I can love another child as much as I do Paisley..He just smiled and said you'll see!!! Now when people ask me what do you want this baby to be I can honestly say, I really don't care either way, because I have a girl that has proved to me she can do anything.....and I'm hoping that super strong wife I was talking about earlier will want to have another one if this one is a girl again. I am super excited that we will get to experience another baby being brought into our life.  It truly does change you as a person.  I just hope that I can be the best Dad to my children that I can be....and that one day I can wear a cape to a hardware store with both of my rug-rats.



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