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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello 2014…Updates

Hey y'all!  So we basically skipped right through November and December and somehow ended up in January of 2014, already! How did this happen???

I have to say, that being pregnant at this time of year, really makes the time fly by.  I'm already 26 weeks and all of these holidays and family gatherings sure have helped pass the time!  

We've been busy, just like everyone else.  Holidays are such a fun, crazy, hectic time, aren't they!?

Are you a big blog reader?  If so, have you noticed all of the end of the year, "Best Posts of 2013" posts popping up everywhere!?  I love the round-ups and the highlights, but just a warning.  You won't find that in this post!  We've only been blogging a little over a year.  The lessons this blog has taught us and the journey it's taken us on are more important to us that the popularity of our posts.  

When we first started blogging, I was always concerned about the quantity of posts and making sure we had new material posted at least 2-3 times a week.  I was always trying to come up with the next project and found myself up way too late many of nights typing away, just to make sure a post went live at 7 A.M. the following morning.  I would stay near a computer at times I knew big link parties were going live just to make sure I was one of the first to link up.  I was basing everything on a number.  Number of page views in a day.  Then, all of these became uncontrollable when our computer decided to finally take it's last breath.  

The first two weeks passed by and I was trying to make a plan and figure out how to write on my lunch hours or make the big jump and finally purchase the Mac of my dreams.  Neither of those happened and several more weeks passed.  Instead, I spent the first 22 weeks of my pregnancy over the toilet or in bed.  The expensive Mac investment got put on a back burner and we got wrapped up in LIFE.  It was nothing short of wonderful, actually. :)  Well, minus the toilet and bed thing..

We discussed whether or not we would continue with the blog once we had a new computer since it had been so many weeks since our last real project post.  We both decided it was something we started together, enjoyed doing together, and that we loved having the opportunity to document the journey of our growing family.  We weren't giving it up anytime soon.  

Instead,  I think it became crystal clear WHY we would without a doubt be continuing.  It wasn't about the amount of posts, the link parties we joined, the number of comments on a post, or the number of page views in a day.  It was about the time we spent together.  The lessons we learned about working as a team.  The memories we make.  The fun we have.  The passion we have for DIY'ing.  

What matters most is that it's about US.  


Not the amount of comments, readers and page views.  All of those things are just an added bonus.  

Now, before you close the browser and never read our blog again, just hear me out!  All of those things are an amazing, wonderful, added bonus and without them, we would have never stumbled into blogging in the first place.  So, we are more than grateful for all of you who have taken time to read our posts, leave us a sweet comment or email us telling us we've inspired you.  We love you for all of those things.  It's just important for us to realize and understand the true importance of Bonfires and Wine and what it means to us.  

So from here on out, no promises on the amount of posts in a week or the topic of which they may be!  

So for today…we'll finish with a little update!  

We've officially started the process of renovating our garage into a master bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet!  

Yesterday, our pretty concrete was jack-hammered up to make room for new piping and hopefully by next week, we'll start building some walls!  Here's a little sneak at some of our favorite pins from our "remodel" board which is currently housing all of our inspiration!!!

(Source Unknown)



So, there's three of about 100 inspiration photo's that we have pinned!  

Here's the facts so far:

We're constructing a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom portion.
We're going to be tiling (our first time) a walk in shower.
The bathroom vanity will be a one-of-a-kind, custom. 
We bought our new bedding from the H&M home line and we love it.  (not our typical style)
We're installing an electric fireplace in the bedroom.
A very large gun safe will take up a large amount of space in one of these rooms which I'm not totally thrilled about.
Our current bedroom will become Paisley's new big girl room.  Baby # 2 will get her nursery.
^^^ That means we're designing, not one, not three, but FOUR new rooms. (yikes bikes)
We bought our flooring already.  It's from Lowes and it looks like rustic, knotty barn wood.  It's practically made for me. 
Most importantly - I've placed an 11 week time frame on the remainder of this project and Charlie is not happy about that.  (baby #2, please do not come any earlier than 38 weeks, ok?)

What's to come:

Soon -  a photography post.  I've had the opportunity to occupy many of weekends with photo shoots and I'm excited to share some of my favs! :)

Soon - Before pictures of what used to be our garage.

Later - Baby #2 baby gender/name reveal.  (if we can decide on a name, that is! )

Later - Big reveals of those FOUR new rooms!

Later, Later - Welcome baby # 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclosure: all of the above has been made possible because I finally bit the bullet and we purchased our very own MacBook.  Charlie loves it.  I love it.  However,  I want anyone and everyone who ever touches it to treat it like an egg.  A very fragile egg.  I want it in it's case at all times.  Nowhere near children.  Or drinks.  Or food.  Or smells.  Or outside.  Or toys.  Or heat.  Or cold.  Or anything.  Apple is very proud of their products and make that clear on the price tag! So, thank you Christmas and family and holiday bonuses.  We finally own a computer that I hopefully won't break.  (fingers crossed)

Ok, enough rambling y'all.  Thank you sooooo, sooooo, much for sticking with us and stopping by again today.  Check back if you want to follow along!  We're looking forward to what the future holds for B&W!

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