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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby # 2 - The Big Gender Reveal

The title makes it sound like we just found out, like yesterday.  However, we found out baby # 2's gender when I was just 17 weeks pregnant.  I'm 31 weeks now.  Yes, this post has taken awhile! There are lots of things I have dreamt up in my head for this blog and oh-so-many projects I'm dying to tackle.  But right now, white-washed vaulted ceiling boards, can light placement, electric fireplaces, lack of insulation and custom wagon wheel chandelier design have my mind spinning.  Not to mention an almost 2 year old attempting to potty train and a Mama with an aching back and pelvis.  (sorry...was that TMI?  Oh well...)    

Ok, so the point of this post....the gender!  We decided to have a 4D ultrasound at 17 weeks to find out the gender a little early.  As in "we", I mean my Mom.  We had a big gender reveal party when we found out what Paisley was and my Mom was excited to do the same for this one.  However, the date my gender scan was scheduled with my doctor was the day before we were leaving town for our annual Thanksgiving trip to Nashville.  I couldn't move the appointment up and with everyone's demanding schedules right before the holiday and leaving town, we couldn't arrange a good time for a gender reveal party.  My Mom recommended just going ahead and paying for the 4D ultrasound (at a different facility) to find out the gender early and having the big reveal party we wanted.  So we took her up on the offer and made the appointment! 

Charlie was convinced it was a girl again.  I really had no clue.  We went in for the appointment and anxiously awaited our name to be called.  They finally called our name, got us in a room, put me on the table, and started the ultrasound.  We waited and watched as the ultrasound tech moved that little wand thing all over my belly.  We could clearly see the baby.  It was moving.  It was fine.  But, the tech continued moving that little wand over and over and over again.  Baby #2 did not want to cooperate.  The tech had me go pee and come back.  No luck.  She turned me on my left side. No luck.  My right side. Nothin'.  She tilted that bed so far back I was practically upside down.  That kid was not opening it's legs.  FINALLY, she said I think I see it, but I want to make sure.  So she continued to move me around and press that wand firmly onto my stomach.  Finally she touched her keyboard to capture the image and said "there it is....IT'S A…..

GIRL!!!!  We had a lot of fun with our gender reveal party, as you can see!  The pink silly string was so fun and everyone really loved being a part of it!  We had everyone split up.  If they thought it was a girl, they stood on the left.  Boy, on the right.  Then everyone got silly string to spray at one another, not knowing what color would come out!  

So, it's official.  Our little family of three will soon be a family of four and Paisley will be a big sister to a sweet baby girl.  We couldn't be more excited...and happy that we saved all of Paisley's clothes!  

The big due date is April 13th so we don't have too much longer!  Let's just hope she comes out a lot less stubborn that she was during that ultrasound!  

Check back next week.  We'll be talking about some of the cool things we've picked up for our remodel, some great product deals and decor plans, plus revealing the name we agreed on for Baby Girl #2!  


  1. That's great news! Congratulations ... girls are my personal favorite!

    1. Hey Jacque! Thanks so much! :) I agree...I'm quite partial to girls, too! haha!

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