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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Operation Remodel - Progress

Operation garage to bedroom is in full swing!  It seemed like it was taking forever to get going, but now progress is really taking place!  We have had quite the Winter here in Southern Illinois.  We've had more snow and ice this year than I care to even mention.  And, we're supposed to be getting more this week.  Awesome.

Soooo, just to recap.  What was once a garage is becoming a master bedroom, walk-in-closet and en-suite bathroom.  Charlie lost his garage.  This meant we had to build a shed to hold all of our tools and garage things until (our money tree grows) we can build a separate garage.  That took several weeks.  

Then, we actually had to have our concrete jack-hammered up to make room for plumbing.  Can I just take a moment to tell y'all how fortunate we are to have awesome friends that just so happen to own a concrete business!?!?  

Look closely.  Through the dust you'll see the amazing Todd and Duane from Flowline Concrete!  They are such pro's. Seriously.  Having people you trust help you through such a delicate process makes for a much happier husband! :) 

The concrete was dug out and pipes were ran for our shower, toilet and vanity.

Then the guys came back and the concrete had to be re-poured. 

Then, it was time for walls!  The closet is on the left and the bathroom is on the right. 

Thanks to panoramic iPhone photo's , you can somewhat get an idea of what this whole space is looking like...

It was also my brilliant, time-consuming idea to vault the bedroom ceiling.  Our pole barn home is 12 foot tall, with 8 foot drop ceilings.  I decided it really didn't make sense to use ALL of that extra space for storage.  Surely some of it could be used for design purposes don't y'all think!?

Yes, I think so too.

My Dad and Charlie carpenters were thrilled.  That means a little extra work.  The ceilings have to extend up past 8 foot and be dry-walled.   And then of course the install of the actual beam and vaulted planks will be a blast...

Can you also imagine some really cool sliding barn doors on the bathroom and closet door openings???!!!

Quick DIY tip for ya.  Once your drywall is cut to proper size, coat your electrical outlets with lipstick. If wires are already ran, roll them into the box.  Then, place your drywall on the wall, pressing firmly where the outlet is.  Once you remove your drywall, you'll have a cute little lipstick line to cut on! :)  

(Important note: Girls, make sure you are home to dig out an old lipstick that's no longer needed!)

That's pretty much where we are now.  We're hanging drywall, getting ready to have the garage door and opener removed, then starting on that fancy vaulted ceiling.  

Our number one helper, Paisley, apparently finds shopping for lumber quite boring!  A nap sounded like a much better idea…. 

We may or may not have a giveaway coming up tomorrow, so make sure you check back in!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It looks like its going to be an awesome space!!!! I will be so jealous of those vaulted ceilings! Can't wait to see the finished project!


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