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Friday, May 30, 2014

CROCKPOT Chicken Quesadilla's

If you follow along on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you probably saw this photo.  
You might have also read that this was Charlie's plate.  It totally got cold while I was photographing it….  
Sorry, Charlie!  

What I didn't mention, Is that while photographing it, I forgot that mine was on the stove top and it definitely burned.  
They're still good crispy in case you're wondering…

I'm queen of opening the fridge, grabbing whatever I see first, throwing it in the crockpot and hoping and praying it's edible at the end of the day.  

I'd say I'm successful about 80% of the time.  
I'll take that.

It's almost time for me to go back to work, so the more recipes I have that can be thrown (literally) together the night before or morning of, the better for my sanity! 

So here's how the CROCKPOT Chicken Quesadilla's went down y'all…


2-3 Large Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 Cup Salsa
1/3 Cup Queso Cheese Dip
1/2 Packet of Ranch Dip Mix 
Tortilla Shells
Shredded Cheese

Yep, that's all. 

Here comes the hard part…

Throw the first four ingredients in your crockpot and turn it on….

I stirred it up, turned it on high and put the lid on.

I started this in the morning and we were having it for lunch so I cooked it on high.  You can definitely slow cook it all day on low for a dinner meal instead. 

Once the chicken was cooked, I shredded it and let it simmer in the salsa/cheese/ranch mix for another 30 minutes or so.

Then, I put my tortilla shell in a pan and filled it with my crockpot quesadilla chicken and shredded cheese.  I cooked it until the cheese was melted and it was slightly (or burnt in my case) browned on each side. 

It turned out really, really good!  
It had a little kick (I used Medium salsa and cheese), and really great flavor! 

I plan to double or triple this recipe once I go back to work so I have some lunches for the work week, too! 

A great big spoon full of sour cream on top and these babies were ready to go!  (after they were photographed….and cold)

So glad you stopped by today.  Have a great weekend y'all!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp and Fried Zucchini

If you're following along on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen this yummy photo show up on your newsfeed last week.  It was even better in person, y'all!  

Since I work full time, I'm all about a quick and simple, but tasty and healthy dinner.  My evenings seem to get shorter and shorter by the day! By the time I get home from work, cook and eat dinner, it's time for baths and bedtime.  I'd rather spend less time cooking and more time with my family any day.  Thankfully, I have a superstar hubby who not only helps take care of the kids and the house but will also help with dinner!  So while I've been at home on maternity leave with Baby G, Charlie and I have been trying out some new recipes.  And, these two, will be on my list for sure once I return to work!

Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp and Fried Zucchini!   

I'm no chef and most of my meals come from Pinterest!  (You can see our meal planning with Pinterest post HERE.)  These awesome recipes are no different!  

Go HERE to check out the recipe for Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp.
(I omitted the green onions on this recipe, just because we're picky and don't like them!)

Go HERE for the Fried Zucchini recipe we used.  
(I admittedly made this recipe a little less nutritious by adding in some seasoning salt, garlic powder and pepper.  They just needed a little more flavor for me to convince Charlie to try something that was green in color!  He loved them…just as I knew he would!)

Do you have recipes that are quick and easy and make your nights run a little smoother?  I'd LOVE for you to share!!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Friday, May 9, 2014

We're back! And baby makes FOUR!

Hey y'all!  We're back and very excited to introduce the newest member of Bonfires & Wine!

Miss Guthrie FINALLY decided to grace us with her presence at 5:11 AM on April 13th (her due date).  We went in on Friday night for a scheduled induction and of course nothing went as planned.  It's a good thing I'm not one of those "typed out, not straying from the birth plan" type of people.  Not that there's anything wrong with those type of people.  It's just become very clear to me after having two babies, that nothing will go according to the plans I've worked up in my head!  Both of my beautiful girls decided to make me labor for about two days straight before deciding to give me a break!

Guthrie ended up coming via an unplanned and unwanted, but necessary cesarean.  After two days and nights of failed attempts to progress, my doctor told me we were about out of options.  Even though I was finally moving things along, Guthrie was not.  He said she hadn't dropped at all and she was also facing the wrong way.  We decided, with the help of my awesome doctor and nursing staff, that for the safety of me and the baby, it was best to head into the operating room.  

After Guthrie decided to stop being stubborn, it was my turn.  My blood pressure bottomed out after getting my epidural and it never stabilized throughout my c-section.  I had to stay in the recovery room for quite some time after the surgery.  Thank goodness they let Charlie stay by my side the whole time and immediately let me bond with Guthrie.  I can't say enough good things about the staff that helped during our stay.  All of our nurses and doctors were so amazing and they truly made our long, drawn out experience enjoyable.  I was sooooo glad I had taken the time to make the nurse gifts.  You can tell they were excited and surprised to receive a gift!  I'll never forget the care and comfort that they provided for me and my family and I was so happy to be able to show my appreciation.  (If you didn't see the DIY Nurse Gift Post, check it out here.)

Once we finally made it to our regular room, I couldn't wait to introduce Paisley to her new little sister.  It had been a long couple of days for her, too. She wasn't quite comprehending why her mama was in weird clothes, swollen and in a giant bed that wasn't her own.  Being able to introduce her to Guthrie made the long hours and pain all worth it. 


We ended up staying for a total of four nights in the hospital and since the first two nights I spent in labor and the next two nights we were up with a newborn, we were beyond exhausted.  We were very anxious to get out of that hospital and into our own beds!  Guthrie wasted no time making her self at home…

We spent the first outing together as a family at our local Farmer's Market and then got to celebrate Easter together as a new little family of four!  

I've been enjoying my time off of work with my girls and hubby.  And I'm sooooooo not looking forward to going back to work in a few weeks (sorry, boss Dad)!

We have BIG plans in the works though, y'all and we have been busy!  We're getting ready to put together Paisley's new big girl room and we're still putting the finishing touches on our master bedroom renovation.  We'll also be back to tell you exactly what we packed in our hospital bag…. and it may or may not include some FREE PRINTABLES! :)   We have lots on the menu for B&W so make sure you stay tuned!  

Thanks for stopping by today! Have an awesome weekend! :)

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