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Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Chevron Pallet Flag

Better late than never???
Good thing the American Flag is ALWAYS in season, right!? 
Can I get an amen?

If you're following along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you got a sneak peak!  Charlie and I whipped this up the week of 4th of July to help give the front door a little patriotic flare!  Chevron, Americana flare that is!

A couple years ago, a friend took down their old fence and called us to haul it off!  They knew we'd put it to good use!  That old fence has been used many of times so far and I've got big plans for it in the future, too! Thanks Mark & Kathy! :) 

Let's get right to it….

You don't need an old fence to make your own Chevron Pallet Flag.  Just some scrap wood, an old pallet, or even new lumber if you can't get your hands on some used, rustic goodness!

Assemble yourself a cute little pallet.  We just used more scrap wood on the back, a little wood glue and some staples.  You could even use nails.  The more rustic and beat up the better!

Then, I sloppily spray painted my pallet red.  I didn't want it to be perfect and I didn't want it to completely cover.  I wanted the worn look. 

I painted a small square blue. Again, don't worry about being neat and tidy with it.  We're gonna sand this thing down even more before we're done!  

Unless you like things neat and tidy…and in that case, you're probably on the wrong site anyways…

I used some scrap card stock paper, a ruler and a pencil to draw a chevron pattern stencil.

I traced my stencil directly onto my pallet and painted between the lines with white paint. 

Then….some cute little hand drawn stars.

Now, the fun part…

Sand the crap out of it…

I used a small sanding block. 
However, if it hadn't been 9:00…
And, if my kids weren't asleep…
And, if my electric sander weren't in the shed…
And, if I weren't scared of the dark…

I totally would have used my electric sander!
My arms would have appreciated it.  

A little burlap makes everything better…

I love how it turned out and plan to leave it up ….until Christmas probably! 

What do y'all think???

Have you ever made a pallet flag?  We'd love to see your projects!  Share with us on Facebook!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have an amazing week!

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