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Thursday, September 4, 2014

My baby's not a baby anymore..

I woke up at 6:00AM to the sound of Guthrie fussing.  My hand felt sort of numb.  It was because I'd been sleeping for the last 20-30 minutes with a death grip on the baby monitor.  My baby wasn't a baby anymore...

She was a two and a half year old, sassy, blue eyed, little girl.

A little girl.
Not a baby.

She was all of about 36 inches covering what seemed to be a California king sized bed.  She seemed so small.  Too small to be in a big girl bed, with a big girl comforter, in her new big girl room.  Thank God she still wanted to sleep with MooseMan and Lambie or I may have actually lost all control and sobbed uncontrollably.  We even added in a cute little leopard we now call "Spotty" just to make the new bed, new room, new routine seem a little bit more fun.  He helped in some weird way.

She got up two or three times before actually closing her eyes and going to sleep.  We talked to her, laid down with her, sang to her and assured her we weren't more than a hallway away.  Thank God for video monitors and two-way speakers on those things.  I sang "You Are My Sunshine" about a dozen times into that little handheld thing.  And slowly, but surely, those beautiful little glowing eyes in the monitor quit wandering...and they closed.  They stayed closed until about 4AM.

The above process took place all over again and lasted about an hour and a half.  A dozen more Sunshine songs were sung and countless of trips up and down the hallway, sprinting back to our room to watch her on the monitor.

That monitor felt like my lifeline.  
And, I think it was that first night.

We woke up the next morning and decided to have a jumping on her bed party to celebrate her sleeping in her big girl bed.  We jumped, we sang, we screamed and cheered, and the smile on her sweet little face was priceless.  

The second night came around.  It was bedtime.  Only one song was sung, only one sprint was made down the hallway and my hand wasn't nearly as numb the next morning.  My baby slept all night long in her big girl bed.  

My sweet baby's not a baby anymore.

Now we just have to figure out nap time...

xoxo - Emily


  1. Yay Paisley!!! She is such a sweetie pie! I'm glad the transition went smoothly for you guys! It's definitely bittersweet!

    1. Thanks, Tonya! Definitely harder on me than her, I think! haha!

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