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Monday, March 9, 2015

Thank You Card for Wedding Reception {Free Printable}

Y'all remember my beautiful friend Brie, right?

And, her amazing rustic wedding covered in burlap and lace?!?!

Well someone in Pinterest world when buck wild on that post recently and everyone's dying to have the Thank You Card printable file!  

I'd love to take full credit for the beautifully written note, but in all seriousness....I found it on pinterest, too.  I designed one for my wedding about 4.5 years ago (<--holy crap? Was it really that long ago???) Then, designed another for Brie and Tim's wedding last year.  

People have been asking daily for the file, so in an attempt to get the file to you quicker than me emailing it.......HERE YA GO! :) 

We used the purple and yellow version for Brie's wedding but I turned it black and white for you just in case that would work better.  Just right click and save to your computer.  You can use Picmonkey or any editing software to add your names at the bottom.  Or else of course, just cut that part off if you want!  We printed them in 5x7 size on Kraft cardstock paper.  They turned out beautifully and gave such a nice personal touch to all of the tables.  

I hope they work for you like they did for Tim and Brie!  

Have a great week everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The manager at this place for Las Vegas Weddings was fantastic and very accommodating to our all our requests. He made us feel comfortable with the whole process and was one of the few people who actually listened to what we wanted instead of telling us what we wanted.

  3. Hi I really love your thank you note and I am getting married next Friday on the 24th and I was not able to get to the link so do you mind emailing me the link? my email is ! thank you

    1. I am having the same issue. my email is

    2. Hi Stephanie! Just right click on the image and choose "save image as", then open the file in or any other photo editing software and add your name! :)

  4. Hi, what a beautiful idea and message. I absolutely love it and thank you for sharing. Would you be so kind to email it to me at Although, I am able to save it, I can't add our names or make any edits to it and when I print it I get a weird border line on one side. I would appreciate it so much :)


  5. I'm so sorry but I am also getting the same problem as above. When I print it comes out with a weird border and a shadow over it. I am also having a hard time editing. Can you email to me at I'd greatly appreciate it!

  6. Emailed you both! However, the file is a jpeg and cannot be edited. You'll just be able to add your names to the bottom of the photo using a software such as (what I used to create it originally). Hope this helps! Good luck!

  7. Could you please email me a copy as well? Absolutely stunning idea ;)

  8. Hi! Can I also get an email of the thank you card please? I love it! When I right click, it keep taking me to pinterest....
    Thank you, thank you!

  9. how can i get the colors of my wedding on the card???

  10. Saved the picture just fine and although I have a Pic Monkey account, they are no longer allowing you to save, export or anything else without buying a monthly membership.


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