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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Free TuTu Printable

I was checking my email to respond to a blog request and noticed I had saved this cute little printable I made.  I decided I'd pop in and share it with you real quick!  I know, I know.  It's been like forever since we've shared anything with y'all!  We still post pics every now and then on Facebook  (like recently, because Charlie's installing my awesome new shiplap wall in the kitchen! You should check it out! I'm in LOVE!), but this little ol' blog has definitely taken a back seat this past year.  I mean it's pretty far back not even in the car! LOL!  Life is busy. But, y'all know that.  We've been busy chasing a strong willed almost two year old and running a 3 - almost 4 year old to cheer practice.  

But, today.  We're back.  With a cute little TUTU printable that I created for the girl's first and third birthday parties.  

Yes, they're turning two and four next month which means it's only taken me a year to write this post!  

Anyways, don't get too excited just yet.  I'll have to dig out my SD card full of pics from the party to share the entire thing with you.  I promise I'll try to get to that though.  It was the cutest little tea party ever! :) 

But, until then....grab your tutu and just be happy!

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