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Well hello there friends!  Let me start by saying "Welcome"!!!  We are so glad you're here!  Grab a mason jar of wine and we'll tell you a little about ourselves...

It all started in college. 

I'm from small town Southern Illinois and Charlie is a transplant from Northern Illinois.  We both attended Southern Illinois University and shared a few classes together.  We met, and the rest was history.  

I knew Charlie was different from the moment we met.  He asked me to decorate his basement bedroom.  He lived with 4 other guys and had the largest space.  He basically had a bed, a TV, a desk and a bathroom.  He got me at "decorate"....

We were married in 2010 and welcomed our baby girl Paisley in April of 2012.


We're your typical small town family.  I work with my Dad at our family owned business in my hometown.  Charlie is a police officer, also in my hometown.  And we live on my family farm ground in a pole barn house we built ourselves.

We started Bonfires and Wine in 2012 as a way of documenting our journey.  It's been more fun than we could have possibly imagined!  Our goal is to live a happy life, day by day, spending time with family and friends, all while attempting to make our little tin house into a DIY masterpiece we can call a HOME.  (As in masterpiece, I mean a budget friendly, trial and error attempt to create some down-home southern beauty!)  We learn as we go and we make mistakes, but we have a blast along the way.

Hopefully through this B&W adventure you'll find ideas, inspiration and without a doubt some laughs.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog... small world, my husband went to SIU and graduated in 2003. We lived in Illinois for awhile until we moved back to California, where I am from. And we are Bears fans! His family still lives in southern Illinois.

    1. Hey Krista! SUCH a small world! I'm glad you found us! :) I just checked out your are so talented! Such adorable items! Thanks for taking time to leave us a comment....It's so nice to meet new people especially when you have a lot in common!


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