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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pinterest Party Spring Wreath

Hey friends!  I'm finally getting around to telling you about our Girls Night / Pinterest Party from two weeks ago! I told you a little bit about it during our Dresser Makeover post.  Wednesday nights are a little chaotic around our parts.  Picture this.....5-7 of my best girlfriends, 6-8 kids under the age of 4, and a kitchen full or crafting supplies!  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right!?!?  Sometimes, yes!  Most of the time, organized chaos that I know my friends and I will talk about for years to come!  It's so amazing to have great friends like we have, and having the opportunity to let our kids grow up together is even better!  So, I'll take the chaos anyday!!!
So we attempted to make some wreaths at our Pinterest Party.  They took a little longer than we had planned.  Well, not really. But, this is how it goes down.  We work on the craft for about 3 minutes then we chase kids, then we work on the craft for 6 minutes and we take away the toy being fought over by the kids, then we work on the craft for 4 minutes and we attempt to feed the kids.  You get the picture?  :) 
We always attempt to keep our projects VERY budget friendly! So for our wreaths we started out with some water pipe insulation.  I picked it up at our local hardware store and it was $1.97 per stick.  It's a little tricky to work with and takes some patience, but they turned out just fine in the end!  Pool noodles from the dollar store would have been ideal, but it's Winter time so insulation it is!
We cut them to the size we wanted and duck taped the ends together to make a circle.  We found that putting the seam to the outside was the best bet (despite the picture below...I learned the hard way!)  Then, insulate your insulation!  We used toilet paper, paper towels, plastic bags...whatever was laying around!  Just keep stuffing until you have a nice solid circle.  This takes a little time and a lot of adjusting so don't get discouraged! 
Here's how mine turned out...
I wrapped my wreath with Chevron Burlap Ribbon.  Ummmmm when I found this in Hobby Lobby, I think I did a little dance right there in the aisle!  Have you seen this adorable stuff!?!? I'm buying more asap.....
I got my little nest and bird at Hobby Lobby also.  I filled my nest with little pearls.
I used some inspiration from Tonya at Love of Family and Home and made some of her cute little felt flowers.
Since the project ran a little longer than expected and all of our kids take up a lot little bit of our time, I didn't get pictures of every one's wreaths.  I had them send me a few pictures so here's what some of my friends came up with too!
We have some awesome craft nights planned for our upcoming Wednesday night adventures so I'll be sure and show y'all what we come up with!
And, can you believe what you can make with some insulation!?!?
Have you guys ever used anything unconditional for your wreath making?  Wreath forms can get so darn expensive!  Spill your secrets, guys!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great day!

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