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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Giveaway!

We are excited to bring you another Mommy Scene giveaway featuring 5 natural brands and celebrating 7 days of Mother's Day! After all, Moms deserve more then 1 day!

7 Days of Mother’s Day Giveaway

Each of these natural products is perfect for pampering yourself after a long day, or serves a practical use for health and cleanliness. Many of these products are handmade, and all are crafted from natural ingredients! One lucky winner will win all of these wonderful products and the chance to try something new!

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick and Bug Bar Tick and Mosquito Repellent

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick and Bug Bar are designed to protect and nourish skin to keep it looking and feeling healthy while keeping mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, horseflies, black and biting flies away. Works quickly to protect you and the whole family. Luxurious botanical butters infused with pure essential oils help to hydrate your skin. Powerful blend of pure essential oils keep biting insects away for hours. Aromatheraputic properties of our advanced formula energize and elevate the soul.

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap - 2 12oz containers

Sudsy Dough is a new interactive bath toy that doubles as a moldable scented dough and a cleansing soap! Kids can squeeze and squish Sudsy Dough in the bath, rub it on as a cleansing body wash, or take it outside the tub and make custom-shaped soaps! Sudsy dough shapes will dry to become scented soap shapes when left out in open air. Each ball also has a surprise bath toy hidden inside! Sudsy Dough is infused with Shea butter & Coconut Oil and is Paraben-free, phthalate-free, and sulfate-free. Available in fragrances Merry Mango, Sassy Strawberry, Bubbly Blueberry, and Awesome Apple.

It's the Balm Lavender Gift Box

It's the Balm Lavender Gift Box

This Lavender Gift Box is filled with everything the Mom in your life needs to indulge herself. Made with pure lavender essential oil, these products are truly luxurious, therapeutic and relaxing. Packaged in a beautiful damask gift box filled with soothing, relaxing treats including 4 oz. Lavender Body Scrub, 4 oz. Lavender Body Lotion, 8 oz. Lavender Foaming Body Wash, 2 oz. Lavender Body Mist , 4 oz. Serenity Aromatherapy Spray, and Lavender Lip Balm.
Each product is made using pure, therapeutic grade essential oil. Allow the dreamy scent of lavender to ease the mind and give a feeling of peace and calmness. Indulge the Mom in your life with these natural treats.

3 Wythe and Berry Creams

3 Wythe & Berry Creams

Wythe & Berry Apothecary offers botany-based, natural, handcrafted wellness products, rooted in genuine aromatherapy. This package contains a trio of oil-based creams including Cedarwood; Lavender, Chamomile and Lemon and Eucalyptus. These creams are handcrafted, completely natural and package in glass as to avoid toxins from plastic leaking into the product. Each 4 ounce cream is plant based, with the main ingredients being Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil.

Buds and Scrubs Facial Serum

Buds and Scrubs Facial Serum

Crafted using Rosehip Seed Oil, our facial serum is a vitamin for your skin. What is Rosehip seed oil? With its amazing healing properties and ability to moisturize with a non-greasy, oil-free feel, your skin will look and feel hydrated and revitalized. This unique oil not only penetrates dry skin, it has also been known to heal scars as well as treat wrinkles and premature aging.

Enter to win one of these fabulous products!

This giveaway is hosted by Dr. Fedorenko. The giveaway winner will be chosen May 17th, 2015. Giveaway is open to US entries and void where prohibited. No purchase is necessary to enter. Mommy Scene and the affiliated blogs are not responsible for brands who do not fulfill prize obligations. Entrants may receive a thank you email from one or more of the participating brands. Dr. Fedorenko 7 days of Mother's Day Giveaway

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Free Printable Menu Planner!

It's almost Summer time.

It's almost vacation time.

It's almost swimsuit time.

Any other mama's out there dread that combination!?!?

I've taken a huge leap over the past several months towards becoming the healthiest I can be.  
For myself. For my husband. And, for my kids.
I work out with the girls at lunch every single day.  We run 2 days a week and do circuit training the other 3.  I run once on the weekend.  They're such great motivation and if they weren't doing it with me, I wouldn't have been going on about 3 months straight of working out! 
Let's be honest....if it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't have started to begin with!

That's step one.  
Get a friend or someone else to do it with you.  
If they're waiting for you at the gym, you're way less likely to stand them up and not go!

Anyone else struggle with finding the time?
That was my biggest obstacle.
I already work 40+ hours a week. Plus several hours on my side job, Thirty-One.
I am on a committee for our annual hometown Apple Festival which requires time for planning and meetings.
I'm also helping to plan my 10 year high school reunion for this summer.
I'm not willing to give up any more time from my family that I already have to.
That was always my reasoning.  And, really it's still true.  If I didn't make it work during my lunch hour, I still wouldn't be doing it. I'm not a morning person. At all.  So waking up at 5AM to do it, just isn't going to happen for this night owl.
And, we don't live in town.  So driving all the way back to town after the girls go to sleep just never seems like a good idea either.
Bottom Line - find a time that works for you.  Whether it be early morning, late at night, during lunch.  Whatever.  Just find the time that works with YOUR schedule and make it happen.

Lastly, meal plan and get your nutrition in order.  Charlie and I use Advocare products and really like them.  We're starting a 24 day challenge this weekend so that we can kick start ourselves again before vacation!  Part of the challenge is making sure your food is on point! So I made this meal plan worksheet to help me keep track of everything. 
I'm filling this out, then flipping it over and making my shopping list on the back so I make sure I have everything I need. 

Just right click, save and print! :) 
Or click HERE for a higher quality version. 

If you're interested in trying out Advocare, send us an email!  We'd love to have you do the challenge with us! I'm a distributor only because I love the product discount.  I'm working towards getting to the next discount level so I'm handing out some major discounts to anyone who wants to order! :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

True Life: The Men Behind Women Bloggers

  • Blogger (person), a person who writes a blog, or web log

Since the late 90's there has been a vast growing of blogs on the world wide web. A quick Google search of the word "blog" and you will find someone writing a blog for almost anything. From DIY, how to dress, how to eat, exercise and some are even personal diaries. What ever it may be, there is someone out there writing their thoughts and feelings on a specific topic. Well I am here to tell you about a specific group of people who are associated with a blog. I refer to them as...

Hoggers(person), the husband, fiancĂ©, boyfriend etc. of the woman who writes the blog. 
(I completely made this word and definition up)

These men are true vikings of the world wide web. The resume of a Hogger is forever long. There is no job that we are not very skilled in. We are experienced in everything. You see, the life of a hogger is o' so complicated.

The DIY Hogger: You my friend, are part carpenter, electrician, plumber, and Pinterest Ninja.  You find yourself always making things at the midnight hour. Working in the cold, blistering heat and during Football Sunday.  If building a masterpiece of wood, metal, plastic is not hard enough; you are now required to take pictures of every step you take....and then explain why you did what you did. The hardest part of your job, by far, is trying to comfort your wife in the nicest way, when this happens...

The Cooking Hogger: This group of men have an iron stomach. You can eat anything no matter the smell. Your metabolism is a finely tuned machine. You also probably have the best job in the world. Pinterest has been the best thing to have ever happened to you. You now have a plethora of recipes at your disposal. 

 The Fashion Hogger: You are a modern day Arthur Fonzarelli. Always quick with your words. For you, always get the question; "Does this look good on me? I want to write a blog post on my outfit but want to know if you think it looks good." AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Not that question, How do I answer??? Relax, You're the Fonz.... you've done your research, you know to say that the scarf compliments the boots, and the dress makes you look younger. You have seen every episode of Say Yes to the Dress, Fashion Star and Americas Next Top Model.

The Exercise Hogger: Everyone should have healthy eating and exercise a part of their everyday life, but you are on a whole other level. Instead of getting to sit on the couch and play Xbox on a lazy saturday morning, you are up at the butt crack of dawn preparing for the next 5k. Go ahead and say it my friend, "would a piece of cake, a beer, and my ass planted on the couch for a day really hurt?"

The Coupon Hogger: Your wife is the thriftiest person you know. She has a binder full of coupons just like your baseball collection when you were a kid. You are glad that she is saving money on every item she buys. You've spent an entire Saturday at Sams, Costco, Walmart, Target, and Walmart.
But you often find yourself asking " do we really need 16 bottles of toothpaste, 4 cases of Qtips, and 9 bags of brown rice." We spent 2 hours of our time to save 65 cents on a case of soda. To spot this Hogger, just look for a man pushing a cart as fast as he can out the front doors of a shopping center and jumping on it as it is an oversized skateboard. Don't judge him, for this is his only excitement for the day.

You see, the life of a Hogger is oh-so-complicated. We could also be referred to as BOB. We are part Bob Villa, Bob Harper, Chef Bob, Bob Timberlake. For we do everything in full support of our wives, even if it means missing the game, missing a finger, or missing beers and cigars with the non Hogger guys. Writing a blog is something that your wife enjoys and you will go to no end in full support of her. I say this to all of the other Hoggers out there, " Keep doing what you are doing, you are appreciated more than you know. Continue to make things, endure healthy food and exercise, spend weekends doing things with your woman, for there is one thing you will never have to do, Be Bored In Your Relationship, for there is no greater bond than working together to achieve a common goal."


Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Woodland Themed Baby Shower for Baby Fox!

My adorable friend Erin (seriously though, who looks that cute prego!?!?) is about to have a sweet baby boy and I had the honor of throwing her a little sprinkle last weekend!  

Her last name just happens to be "Fox" so we decided on a woodland themed baby shower! 

I got to partner up with the amazing Sweet Bee Design Shoppe and had these cute little invites personalized for Erin's party!  She also designed matching food labels, cupcake toppers and a banner!

Tori is sooooo great to work with and has some of the cutest designs in her shop!
If you're planning a baby shower, bridal shower or birthday party - you NEED to stop by Sweet Bee Design Shoppe!!!

It was just a small get together of Erin's closest friends and family so we just had it at my house.  

(You'll have to excuse the quality of the photo's.....I blocked my only source of natural light with my table setup!)

I made the welcome sign for the door on Picmonkey so that guests knew they could just come on in without knocking! 

I also made this little favor bag tag on Picmonkey and everyone went home with a smore kit! 

I found most of my food ideas on Pinterest of course! 
The toad stools were string cheese, tomatoes and french onion dip!

The Forest of Trees was a yummy broccoli salad! 

The Tortellini Trees were just skewers of cheese tortellini and tomatoes with moss dip (pesto sauce)!

Salad...aka Rabbit Food!

Hot dogs and croissants for 3 Pigs in a Blanket!

And, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing for the Black Forest Cupcakes!

I served regular ol' H2O (morning dew) and Green Apple Kool Aid (pond water) for refreshments!

I picked up this book and had all of the baby shower guests write a special message inside for Baby Fox!  Hopefully this book will be something Erin and Baby can always hold on to and look back and remember their special day! 

We had so much fun showering Erin and baby and it was so fun for this Girl-Mom to do something a little boyish for once! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great week!!!!

Don't forget to check out Sweet Bee Design Shoppe for your next party!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Thank You Card for Wedding Reception {Free Printable}

Y'all remember my beautiful friend Brie, right?

And, her amazing rustic wedding covered in burlap and lace?!?!

Well someone in Pinterest world when buck wild on that post recently and everyone's dying to have the Thank You Card printable file!  

I'd love to take full credit for the beautifully written note, but in all seriousness....I found it on pinterest, too.  I designed one for my wedding about 4.5 years ago (<--holy crap? Was it really that long ago???) Then, designed another for Brie and Tim's wedding last year.  

People have been asking daily for the file, so in an attempt to get the file to you quicker than me emailing it.......HERE YA GO! :) 

We used the purple and yellow version for Brie's wedding but I turned it black and white for you just in case that would work better.  Just right click and save to your computer.  You can use Picmonkey or any editing software to add your names at the bottom.  Or else of course, just cut that part off if you want!  We printed them in 5x7 size on Kraft cardstock paper.  They turned out beautifully and gave such a nice personal touch to all of the tables.  

I hope they work for you like they did for Tim and Brie!  

Have a great week everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ollie Swaddle Giveaway!

Welcome to The Ollie Swaddle Giveaway!

Sponsored by The Ollie World and hosted by Game On Mom
Although you and your little both wish you could cuddle all day and night, there are times when you have to put him down to rest. Swaddles are a perfect solution for keeping infants cozy, but many don’t stay put as your baby snoozes—or aren’t snug enough to provide that comforting pressure babes love. Thanks to the mama behind The Ollie World you can wrap your itty-bitty burrito with a swaddle that moves with him through the night, while keeping him comfy and cool.

  The Ollie Swaddle 

 Named after and invented for Oliver, a foster baby that wasn’t thriving until Ollie Swaddle founder (and his foster mom) Hindi developed The Ollie Swaddle. Stretchy, soft and breathable, this swaddle is designed to reduce overheating and improve quality and duration of sleep. We know the security of swaddles helps keep infants calm—and the Ollie swaddle is perfect for keeping them tucked in all night long and encouraging self-soothing skills. Depending on your baby’s size, the top Velcro closure allows you to wrap him tightly when he’s younger, but is adjustable as he grows and has more mobility. (And don’t worry about diaper changes—they’re a snap in this wrap. When you finish the dirty deed, you can fold the bottom up under the Velcro closure, or you can use the handy elastic loop to keep little legs tucked in—but free enough to kick those feet!) Your babe will be happier when he sleeps, and you can rest easy knowing he is safe and content in The Ollie World’s capable swaddle. To learn more about this amazing swaddle or to make a purchase, visit The Ollie World. Now for the giveaway! Winner will receive one swaddle, value $48. Giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 and older. Ends February 24th, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck!  

  Ollie Swaddle Giveaway

Friday, February 6, 2015

Finally Friday {Take 12}

We're bringing back Finally Friday!!!

If you have no flippin' clue what I'm talking about, you can get caught up here.  
And as in caught up, I mean the last Finally Friday post was a year and a half ago!!!!  ooops.  


1)  Me and the girls at my office started a work out session during our lunches on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  One of us brings a healthy lunch and we work out together.  It's awesome.  And it hurts.  Hurts so good.  Follow along on Instagram to see what we're up to each day. 

2)  We're planning a little getaway around some training I have coming up.  We'll be in Nasvhille, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and then finally Atlanta.  Any tips on what we should see while we're there???  (More info on Facebook, too.)

3) We're almost finished with our master bedroom. FINALLY. And, I cannot wait to show y'all.  Charlie gave some sneak peaks in his previous post.  Just a little more work on the trip and a few more finishing touches to the fireplace and it will officially be done!  You can't tell I'm excited, right? 


1) My parents live in Northern Illinois and this past week they had 10 inches of snow. Have to admit I was kind of jealous.  I like snow. 

2) With that being said, I am really looking forward to spring getting here. This year I plan on planting a larger garden, since my girls absolutely love fruits and vegetables........And of course fishing season starts!!!!!!!!

3) Our little girl Guthrie is 10 months old and is seriously only a couple weeks away from full out walking. Just this week she has been standing straight up off the ground and staying there without holding onto anything. I'll have my hands full once she's off walking. An almost 3 year old and almost 1 year old running right past their dad. 

Favorite pin of the week:


Because seriously.  
Y'all know we have like a huge, huge, huge gun safe taking up way too much room in my house, right?  
It's big and bulky and ugly.  
But, this.  
THIS is surrounded by gold itself.  
gold = barnwood.  
THIS is a safe I could get on board with! 

Printable of the week:

This was part of our "Year of Printables" gift post.  
See the rest HERE

Favorite meal of the week: 

Our Healthy CrockPot Chicken Enchilada Soup!  We took a few recipes we found online, made them healthier and quicker, with less ingredients! Nothin' easier than throwing a bunch of stuff in a crockpot! Am I right!? 

Thanks for hanging out with us today! 
We hope you stop by again soon! 

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